“So, I feel like I should address the elephant in the room. So, are you still . . . what’s going on with that other thing?” he awkwardly asked.


What’s going on? Oh, you mean besides work, weekend plans, and buying a car?  The other thing?


Oh wait, maybe, I know what you’re talking about now.

Is it the thing that I told you and your response was silence, followed by a healthy dose of your mentally ill and/or corrupted by demons and society?

The thing I told you when I had just hit rock bottom and was trying to find the air on the surface and survive, and your response was to tell me it was the devil?

Is that the thing you are referring to? Because, I feel like I just need a little clarification before I answer that question. Because there are plenty of other things going on in my life. You know . . . there is a new recipe I tried. Poblano corn lasagna, is that the other thing? Or, is it that I found a good dentist? Or, could it be that you are wondering when the last time I spoke to my grandparents, your parents, who as you put it will literally kill-over when they find out? Or, is there something else?

Because, I feel like if it is this thing that has been brought on by my mental instability, demonic possession, and penchant for a musical, shouldn’t you at least give it a name?

Or, are you content to treat the term as a societal Voldermort, and allow it to be It-That-Must-Not-Be-Named?

I mean, I know you know the term. I said it. I wrote it in a letter for you. Fox News, Brietbart, and others use the term often enough to condemn and ridicule on a daily basis.

Do you need a reminder of the word?


Was that the word you were looking for?

If not, some clarification is definitely needed.  

“Well, how I feel hasn’t changed.”


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