My little sister spends the evenings springing in little joking comments of “don’t assume genders” about her bacon and bread, “this isn’t a government handout” when I ask her to pass the BBQ sauce, and “is it okay to call it red sauce” and “sauce lives matter”. 

I yearn for a sign that says “bang head here” because the ignorance drives me crazy. Living so isolated from how the world really works, only knowing and being around white Christian people, I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for my family.

But, of course, I used to be that isolated and naive.

But, of course, I keep quiet and don’t make a scene. 

I am trying to be civil in an uncivilized setting. 

It wouldn’t help much away. 

And, no one wants me to spew my trans-liberal agenda all over the walls of my conservative Christian childhood home.


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