I guess I am really not surprised. 

Disappointed, yes. 

Surprised, no. 

See, I knew I would reach a point, reach a point when I had no other choice but to put my voice, my words out there. 

So, I sent my last blog post, “To Whom It May Concern,” to four individuals. And, as I said at the end of the post, I am just getting started. Sending the post to my father, stepmother, mother, and brother is getting started. 

Yet, there are always consequences to every action. 

Action. Reaction. 

The first reaction doesn’t count. It can’t. I sent my father the post at 7:43PM. His response came at 7:48PM. Perhaps, he read it as shallowly as he reads his holy book, which makes sense. 

His words read: You’re lost son and i am praying you will find away out of this darkness .

Ignoring the fact that his text reads like a graduate of the Trump School of Grammar and Understanding, he read my entire post in five minutes? And, this was his best response? To quote his strongman fascist president, “sad.” 

But, sad for him. Seeing his words after over a year of the cold shoulder of disgust, I am finally able to stop putting in effort. My last post was drawing a line in the sand. His response shows that he has chosen where to stand, but he doesn’t even know that a line has been drawn. 

My stepmother’s response came next. 

Her words read: I’ll choose #3 but I am not one to stand. I will sit and watch and let what will be, be. This was a good article…why did McD have to throw out a quarter pounder at the end?! Love you!

It took some time to figure out what she meant by the quarter pounder, but apparently, when she pulled up the blog, McDonald’s had an advertisement at the bottom. Yet, the meat of her response, shows me where she stands on the line I’ve drawn. I appreciate her choice and her love, but standing by idly is not enough. If it was, I never would have sent out the post. 

My mom followed. 

Her words read: You write very well! I will always love you! I will always stand by you! I am sure i will never be who you want for a mom. I will try my best. 

Slight guilt trip aside, this is a promising response. But, the proof will be in what happens next. Idle talk and promises are not enough this time. Right now, every minute that passes, we fall closer to the brink. 

And, finally, my brother. His response came in a text wall of anger and support. I said what I needed to say. He said what he needed to say. But, his response straddles the line. Again, this won’t be enough. 

Not this time. 

This time. Things will never be the same. 

This time. We ride the waves of hope and humanity. 

This time. Our character is on the line. 

There is no going back. 

And, this is only the beginning. 

And, so, forward. 


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