You have just received a package from me. You’ve opened it up, discovered its contents, and are now reading this letter.

I have no idea what is going through your mind right now, but let me guide you to understand what is before you.

First, you have a letter for my grandparents, your parents. It is the same letter that I sent you, linked to my blog, which you responded to without reading fully. In addition to the text you had an opportunity to read, there is an addendum for them.

Second, I sent back a gift they once gave me for Christmas. It goes with the letter, and when they read the addendum, they’ll have a choice. And how they respond, I will know where they stand, just as I know where you stand.

Third is a gift. I picked it up for you at the local comic con, and I thought it would look good in your media room, next to your posters of your favorite films. I was going to save it for your birthday, but honestly, with how things have gone, I don’t want it around anymore.

You have a choice with all three of these items. You can give the first two to your parents or not. You can be there as they read what I have written or not. You can keep the gift or not.

The choice is up to you.

Even though our relationship is in a place of never going back to the way things were, I do still love you. You are my parent, and I will always care for you. But, I cannot stand by and hide in the shadows. There is too much at stake. I wish you happiness and peace. I hope that your conscience is clear. I hope when you look back on how things have gone, you are proud and pleased with the outcome.

I love you. I continue to miss the person I hoped you were. But, I will forever be as true to myself as I can. I know who I am. And, no one can change that.

The choice of what to do next is up to you.

What will you choose?


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