Do people really like me?

Do I have any friends?

And, if I do have friends, my self-esteem must be super low to think that.

Because, I think I have friends.

Because, I think I have people who care about me.

I don’t know why I must have such a low opinion of myself.

Because, I am not half bad.

Because, I am a semi-decent human being.

I support free speech and education and acts of kindness and walks on a beach holding the hand of the girl you love and smiles and sunsets and a good meal and that others deserve a good meal too and how we treat the most hurting is what truly defines us.

So, I am not half bad, right?

I’m a semi-decent human being, right?

So, if I am only semi-decent, what does that make you?


Can you stand the weight of your brutal reality?

Because, I can. It sucks a lot of the time, but I’ve got this. Really.


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