Look, I need a break.

And, I could go with the whole,

“It’s not me. It’s you” routine, but

I won’t.


Because, well, the truth is,

It is you.


It is you because I am tired of pretending that everything is okay,

Like everything is normal.

It’s not normal, and

Things aren’t okay.


I am okay,

No, really.

I am.


But, what I mean is,

I am not okay with


Specifically, you.


I am tired of being disappointed in you,

In you as a person.

And, I am continually reminded of this disappointment

Every time we talk,

Every time we see each other,

Without fail.


It is exhausting.


And just for clarification,

In case you are a bit lost,

I am disappointed because of this,

You and your actions have shown

That you are not with me, and

You don’t really have my back.

And, of all people, you were supposed to be there,

To catch me if I fall.

But, you aren’t there,

And now,




I am beginning to wonder,

If you were ever really there at all.


Hence, the disappointment.


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