Oh, They Are Both Bad

There’s been a common refrain when people talk about this election. I often hear, “Oh, they are both bad.” 

I hold my tongue. There are certainly things that I’d like to say. But, I hold back. 

Even though, I can’t sleep. I’ve lost my appetite. And, I don’t feel up for doing much. 

See, this election is different. In the past, I agreed with one candidate more than the other, and I would vote. This time, though, the stakes are higher. 

For me, this election is more than Democrat versus Republican. It is about one capable candidate versus a racist, sexist bully and his anti-LGBTQ counterpart. 

I almost feel sorry for Republicans. They created this mess, but only a few are standing up for what’s right. Only a few are denouncing Donald Trump for who he is. 

For years, I watched Donald Trump’s idiocy on Celebrity Apprentice, and I, like many others out there, thought it was pretty funny when he announced his candidacy. It was ridiculous pomp and circumstance, with a hearty mix of racism from the get-go. Surely, no one would support this individual. 
I was wrong. 

I should have remembered the Wizard’s First Rule, people are stupid. 

The amount of misinformation in this campaign is astounding. 

Just yesterday, on my birthday, my grandmother, who I had always considered a very intelligent person, told me, “Well, if Hillary’s elected, we’ll have another civil war when she gets rid of the 2nd Amendment.” 

Now, I should have let that go. I should have just ignored it because she voted in Oklahoma, and it is a deep-red state anyway. I couldn’t. I could not let it go. 

“Grandma, she has never said that. That statement is ridiculous. She couldn’t get rid of the 2nd Amendment even if she wanted it. You know that, right?”

Perhaps, my tone was a little scolding and harsh, because her reply of “okay” seemed a bit taken aback.

We go on to briefly skirt around other political issues by talking about the cluster-fuck that is Oklahoma politics. They have the laughable idea of thinking a Ten Commandments monument will be installed at the state capitol. Lawyers are chomping at the bit for that one. Good ol’ Oklahoma, thinking that freedom of religion means Go-Christianity-Go. 

As we continue talking, I bring up about how much misinformation is out there. I don’t bring up that the Russian government has hired tech-savvy individuals to post misinformation online to prop up the GOP nominee. I don’t bring up that there is a Colombian website that poses as an American news site to post false reports. Regardless, she states that she gets emails all the time that she knows are completely bogus. 

And, here’s where I pause, because the first thing she mentioned to me about the election was completely bogus. That’s why I am scared. Because, people are stupid and can no longer differentiate between truth and fiction. 

There is so much false information surrounding both candidates that actual facts get skewed and overlooked. 

But, the lunacy goes beyond misinformation. 

The hypocrisy of the Christian Right has never been more clear. Bible Thumpers far and wide are lining up to support a man who flaunts his infidelity, has avoided donating to charity, rates women’s looks on a 1 to 10 scale, encourages his supporters to check out a sex tape, and was in an adult film as himself. This does not count all of the cruel and hurtful things said about minorities and women. This does not count the time he mocked an individual with a disability during a campaign rally. I guess, a candidate endorsed by the KKK must really represent those important Christian values? Oppression and cruelty? 

I really could go on and on, but it is far too upsetting. For me, a Trump win is saying that it is okay to be cruel. It is okay to be a bully. It is okay to be hateful to your neighbor. It is okay to insult and harass women. 

But, beyond that, I know many in my family support Donald Trump. They love the idea of a wall. And, they see Hillary as the anti-Christ or the devil, which is confusing because, to some of them, I thought me being transgender made me the devil . . . 

Here’s what I want to end with. 

Yes, the Supreme Court issue is huge for me, especially if I want to feel safe in my own home. 

But more than that, if Hillary wins, I feel like America believes I belong. Even if I lose more familial relationships I thought I’d have for a lifetime, if Trump loses, I’ll still be able to feel like I have a home.

I hope that America really considers their vote tomorrow. 

I hope they’ve educated themselves with facts. 

I hope they really consider what kind of America they want for the future. 

But, in the end, I hope for a fair and safe election. 


Be heard. 

Be safe. 

Have hope. 


What Can Happen When Someone Defies Their Chromosomes: The Trans-Threats No One Talks About

Wherever you’re from, I’m sure that it is difficult to escape the rhetoric-filled voices of the anti-trans and pro-trans camps. This fear-filled argument transitioned into the foreground of culture and politics all thanks to some liberal city in North Carolina. Why? Because, they took it upon themselves to give “special” bathroom privileges to the trans-citizens of their state.

So, yeah, thanks liberal city, which happens to be in a very deep dark red shade of lipstick state and are closet consumers of mass quantities of trans-porn. But, this is beside the point.

Thankfully, those red-blooded, real Americans stood up to take on the rainbowed .6% to .8% of their state’s population and criminalize the bathroom confused.

Although, the real crime of the bill proposed and accepted is that it became known as the “bathroom bill.” When really it was a righteous tool for the hardworking men to fire the lazy elderly, discriminate against those non-Americans (you know, those non-white, non-Christians), and of course finally put those LGBTers in their marginalized place.   

Yet, leave it to the liberal media to cause a stink. Because, now Target is a place where a transwoman has been caught taking pictures of women undressing. What a world we live in . . . the holy rollers tried to warn us. They knew some freak would do something like this, or worse.

Granted, we have to ignore the facts that the Target in question had gender neutral changing areas to begin with and that taking lewd pictures in a changing area is still very much illegal everywhere. But, I’m not here to tell you about the wrongs of Target. Trust me. I know them. I used to work there.

For weeks, months, years, decades, and beyond, the transgender community has been demonized for its immorality and subversive behaviors. But, I am here to tell you that there is so much more for you to be concerned about.

While the anti-trans folks have solidly avoided using science in their rhetoric and have instead opted to use the truth of God’s word, which doesn’t mention transpeople . . . but if we ignore the historical context of one verse, it does clearly explain why God says crossdressing is evil. Because, heaven forbids men and women to dress in different gender roles to praise other non-Christian gods.

So, to science, if God (and for the non-Christians reading this, if so-called “biology”) gives you XX chromosomes, you are a woman. With XY, you are a man.

Also, ignore intersex people or the many others with chromosomal oddities because they don’t really fit into the narrative that I am presenting. Sometimes, ignoring facts are important when making an argument.

So, focus on the chromosomes. XX is woman. XY is man. That should be the end of it. But, because of those perverted thinkers in society, it is not. Almost all of western society knows of three individuals who defied their DNA and presented as either male or female, when their chromosomes said otherwise. The DNA defilement resulted in long-lasting horrors.  

First, let’s talk about an individual whose legacy can be seen on the corners of almost every single God-fearing American town. “His” words have been used to defend racism, bigotry, slavery, misogyny, and so much more. Heck, even the warped mind of Hitler praised an “Aryan” version of this individual. Colonialism is almost entirely founded on the idea that it is necessary for the world to be whitewashed with his ideology. Okay, I know I mentioned Hitler, but what about all those other wars that have been fought in his name. Death, destruction, and blind faith used to discriminate are the results when we allow someone to defy their chromosomal DNA. I speak of course of the “son” of the Virgin Mary, Jesus. Noting all the ills in the world that have been caused in his name, it should not be surprising to fathom Jesus as trans. Here is an individual who came from only XX chromosomes, because of the whole virgin birth, and chose to brainwash twelve men into thinking he was one of them. Now, I wish that I could just place the blame of this individual on the Christians because those anti-trans folks love to use their faith to put down the already marginalized, but alas, I cannot. If only Christ hadn’t plagiarized his life from Dionysus, Krishna, Mithra, Horus, and plenty of others that have probably been forgotten in a history that claims to be no longer than 8,000 years.    

Now, since the worst trans-offender is another transman, I’ll save “him” for last.  So, let’s now look at all the evils that have come about because of a transwoman. At the start of mankind, there was peace. Life was perfect, and all was paradise. That is, until a transwoman had to go and fuck everything up. Thanks a lot, Eve. But, didn’t this incestous woman give birth? So, she must be a real woman, right? Again, look at the science because the faith of it is very weird and awkward . . . Eve was created from XY DNA only. God literally took a male rib and cloned a flawed version of Adam so that there was someone to clean and fix dinner. XY DNA but presents as a woman? Ding-ding-ding. Transgender. And, this transwoman is responsible for the downfall of all mankind because a talking snake told her to eat a piece of fruit. Really, all Earth’s evils can be blamed on transgender people. Is there any more evidence needed to loathe such a small percentage of the world’s population?

Yes, there is. I have one more for you that tops all the rest.

While a transman and transwoman’s legacy are responsible for all of the problems in our world, another transman is responsible for the death of entire planets and the enslavement of entire species. While his legacy may not be as menacing, it is certainly more destructive. His fanatics are responsible for destroying entire planetary systems. Of course, I am speaking of Darth Vader. Sharing the virgin birth story, this transman took a turn for the goth attire and with the help of a well-intentioned frog-like creature, brought down an entire galaxy’s democratic system. See ya, Jedi Order. Adios, peace and justice in the galaxy. And, hello, Death Star.

So, now, you fully know of the atrocities that transgender people are capable of. Their actions and legacies have spawned a religion that actively seeks to create laws to discriminate against other human lives, have resulted in mankind losing favor with his creator and losing paradise, and the destruction of countless of planets, cultures, and species. This is what happens when you allow a misguided mentally-ill person to defy their DNA and live a life in opposition to “biology” and God’s plan.

So, do your part to save mankind.

Oppose trans-rights.

End the Galactic Empire.

And bring peace and justice to the galaxy.*


*The idea of Jesus and Eve being transgender is an idea I obtained from reading an angry conservative Christian article about trans-radicals making this claim. The idea amused me. This is the result.